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I'm Dan Bloom. 

Welcome to 'AsiaDatingTips.com' and thank you for coming by.

Being an expect in Asia is not always easy. 

It can be more fun when you have a beautiful woman by your side.  I personally find Asian women stunning and they have made my life in the Orient more enjoyable!

Anyways...more about me...

Media Appearances

Media appearances in Asia. 

The first one is with Korean broadcasting station EBS. 

We discuss the biggest problem in relationships today.

2nd interview happened in 2010.  This was back when I was working with Pickupasia (whom I still respect and recommend learning from.) I kept my real name 'secret' because I was living in Korea at the time.  Korean society isn't a big fan of improving intercultural relationships.

What's The Purpose of AsiaDatingTips.com

When I first came to Asia I felt quite lonely.  After all - my family was far away.  I didn't speak the language and found myself at the bottom of Korea's social totem pole. I was also single which made my time even more lonely.

Needless to say, I wanted something different.  I decided to be proactive about my life and I took the time to understand Asia and its women.  I believe that you can learn a lot about a culture through the people you meet.  Asian women are also stunning and this makes you want to learn about them even more.

After years of study, going out, learning local languages I started helping guys get into the relationships they wanted in Asia.  I've decided to take that online.

My Experience In Asia

I've arrived in Asia in 2007 and haven't looked back.  My expat life started in South Korea.  From there I moved to Thailand.  After some time later I moved to Hong Kong.  Currently I'm again South East Asia but will be moving to East Asia soon.

I've met, learned from and hung out with dating coaches all around Asia.  Some are my best friends and others are respectable colleagues.  All in all - I've decided to take our collective wisdom and make your dating and relationship life in the Orient more fulfilling sooner.

What Makes AsiaDatingTips.com Different

To this day there is no other online resource site for dating Asian women like this.  Experienced expats in Asia share their wisdom (applied knowledge) via AsiaDatingTips.com for expats in Asia.

Why You Get More Benefit Learning From Me

You get to learn from an experienced teacher.  Before I came to Asia I was a flight instructor.  To pay for university I taught various martial arts from different countries to expats in America. 

When I first came to Asia I was a teacher also.   I went from teaching Koreans about cultural differences to teaching expats about relationship/cultural dynamics. 

You get experienced insights from a natural expat.  I come from a multi-ethnic and cultural family.  I've lived and learned about different cultures since I was 6 months old.  The technical term for someone like me is 'Third Culture Kid'.  I've lived in various parts of the world aside from Asia including
 • Africa

 • Europe

 • the Middle East

This lifestyle had its perks and its hardships - but it's made more social and able to delve into cultural and social differences (and bring them to you.)

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Dan Bloom

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