3 Shocking Asia Dating Culture Facts

Have a date coming soon and wonder if Asia dating culture matters?

You've heard that when you date a woman in Asia it's different - but should you care? 

Is it really THAT different? 

After all: a person is a person and your relationship should be based on your feelings for one another…right?

Well yes and no. 

Sure people are people but the contexts almost contradict each other.  I've lived in Asia for more than seven years and coached guys for five. 

This is my take -  Get ready to find out what makes dating in Asia different.  

Let's make sure you make the most of your dates and make it as stress-free as possible.

3 Major Asia Dating Differences You Must Know

In my experience the most shocking things you'll discover about most of your Asian dates are:

Their friends and family influence who she dates.  Did your potential Asian girlfriend just disappear?  Chances are that her family and friends had something to do with it. 

Maybe in Korea her parents didn't want her to date a foreigner.  Maybe in Thailand where her parents wanted her to be with you for the financial rewards and it "paid off".  Maybe in Hong Kong her friends don't want her to be with a "gwai low" (it means "ghost person" by the way.) ;-)

Does she want you to buy her something?  She probably couldn't care less about what you buy.  She wants you to buy something so that she can show her friends and gain face. 

Dating has more practical reasons.  Does she want to know your job and financial prospects?  Asia dating culture is much more pragmatic than in the West.  She'll want to know if you can take care of her or not.

Is your Asian girl in her early thirties? 

Chances are she'll be pushing for marriage because she knows that in her home culture she's "near her due date". 

You're probably her last chance so you can expect her to push for a "commitment sooner".

asia dating culture

Relationships in Asia are based on different values.  This will sound controversial…especially compared to Western cultures.  In the West we believe that relationships are based on
 • equality

 • "love"

 • honesty

In my experience although most Asians value these things - they're too idealistic.  Instead relationships are more based on

 • practicality

 • stability
 • duty

The reason why relationships can be seen as being more 'masculine'.  This is because the man's job is to lead.  The woman's job is to support. 

Together they make a great team (or are supposed to) and it's found to be more practical.  In fact you can also catch this in which ever East Asian language you choose to pick up in Asia

In Korea for example an Ajoshi (older man) has more status than a single younger woman 'Agashi'.  When they speak you'll catch the younger women finishing her sentences with 'imnida' or 'yo'.  Whereas you won't hear the older man saying it.  This is an example of how relationships and status determines the language.

Wait...There's More

These are just some of the surface differences when in a relationship in the Orient.  Does that make learning Asian languages and cultures worth it?

Whether you met her via online sites like Asiancupid or if she was at the same social event as you - neither of us will know just how different her upbringing was different from ours.

Start meeting Asian ladies - Give yourself the skills and mindset for meeting Asian women anywhere in the Orient. 

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