Get An Asian Girlfriend in 5 Practical Steps

Live in Asia and want an Asian girlfriend?  Most expat friends get 'Yellow fever' a few days after landing in the Orient.  I know that's what happened to me.

I bet you find Asian women gorgeous so how about dating a woman from Asia?

Rest easy - soon you'll have a solid step-by-step plan to make that happen. 

This has worked for many of my clients for the years I've been a dating coach in Asia.  I'm sure it will work for you too.

The best part is that you can begin taking action today!  So let's get started with something you can do now.

Step #1 - Know What You Want

Get a pen and paper (or just open a word document.)  On this document you will write down 20 things you want in your new girlfriend.  This can be about her physical appearance.  It can also be about her personality and more importantly…her character. 

A bit challenging? That's okay.  We're not taught to think about this, are we?  If this is the case I recommend starting then with 20 things you don't want

What don't you want to see in your future Asian girlfriend?  Would you be okay with a girl friend who's mostly cute?

Would you not want to deal with tardiness?  Or maybe you wouldn't want her to be overweight? 

Personally I didn't want either and you know what happened?  I never had to deal with either!

So let's say you have a good idea of what you want - what next?

Let's go find her!

Get An Expat's Take on What You Can Do Today!

Check out long-time expat in the Far East 'Angel' with DatingSkillsReviews's opinion.  Enjoy as we share with you things you can do or notice when getting a relationship in Asia.

Step #2 - Find Her Any Way Possible

Okay - it's time to hustle.  What are you doing these days to find a woman who matches what you're looking for?  You can choose between looking for her

 • online

 • during your day-to-day life

 • at your social circle events

How much time are you devoting towards this?  Let's face it - if you're not meeting Asian women in the hopes of finding a girlfriend then you're not going to be dating any either.

Heck, if you're in Korea or Japan you can even tell your colleagues that you're looking for an Asian girlfriend.  It's customary in certain Oriental countries to help friends out with getting dates.

Speaking of dates…how can you get one?

Step #3 - Know What To Say To Get That First Date

asian girlfriend

What can you talk about to even get her noticing you? 

What can you say to avoid painful rejection?

There is no magic pill. 

That being said, after meeting women in Asia for 6 years a common pattern I've noticed is to

 • casually get a conversation started based on something she's wearing or doing

 • ask her if she's a tourist from Africa (90% this gets a laugh because it's unexpected)

 • once she laughs tell her that you like her taste of humor and ask for her name

This 3-step combination is a good start.  It's also tailored for women from Asia.  If you told this to women back home many of them would wonder if you're 'normal'.  Most Asian women are more 'fun' and will play along. 

That's one reason why I love girls from the Orient (and you will too!)  In fact get access to my Asia Dating Tips 'The Perfect First Date'.  It will help turn that first date into a step to more intimacy.

So you got her talking to you - what next?

Step #4 - Get Her Attracted

Once she's talking to you it's time to get her feeling attraction for you.  We have her with humor but what else can we do?  What else do we need to show her?  It's important to do this especially if you've met as just another Asian girl's friend.

It's important that you convey that you're

 • safe

 • socially aware (not a weirdo)

 • self-sufficient (you can take care of yourself financially)

 • sexy...

Speaking of sexy...

Step #5 - Move Things Forward...

When you're on a date with her she must first find you sexually attractive before she'll decide to be your Asian girlfriend. 

"How do I do that?"

Put your name and email below and you'll have access to my exclusive tips that have helped guys like you for years.  It's all kept private and anonymous.  You'll discover how to convey your sexuality with your body language and eyes. 

"Doesn't this work for all women?"  Yes it does - but there's an Oriental twist.  I don't like to generalize but after living in Asia for 6 years you do notice common patterns of thought and values.  This means that connecting with them and what to connect with them about is different. 

For one thing you probably don't speak the same language or have the same cultural innuendos.  This means the rest of your abilities to get a girlfriend must be sharp. 

Yes - I am asking you to hustle.  How badly do you want to have someone in your life?  Let lazy guys and girls leave it to chance where "love just happens" (how is that working for you, by the way?)

You and me we're taking this 'dating thing' into our own hands.  

Let's take care of that today by giving you the best chance possible at making her yours.  Take advantage of a

 • 9 step self-study course for discovering how to meet and date Asian ladies

 • an 11-page sample of the controversial ebook 'The Art of The Date'

 • access to revealing audio interviews you can listen at your own pace

Grab these Asia Dating Tips bonuses and let's get you with an Asian woman no matter what your background or physical appearance.

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