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How To Date Asian Women

Are you in Asia or find yourself curious about Asian ladies and their culture?

Get the inside scoop on how to date a woman from the Orient from my interviews below.  They are with expat dating coaches who live in various parts of Asia.

Not only have they applied their knowledge and taught it to clients - they also have spent more than a couple of years in this part of the world.

Below you'll find access to my interviews as well as descriptions of the dating coaches and what they can do for you.

Want to share your advice or opinion on Asian dating?  We'd love to hear it! 

My Mentor 'RedpoleQ' with PickupAsia

Check out my interviews with this Asia expat 'RedpoleQ'.  He's a Westerner who's been in Asia for more than a decade.  He's helped men have their ideal relationships with his company 'PickupAsia'. 

He's also helped me when I first new nothing of how to date an Asian woman.  You will learn from him more than you realize!

Kane Vast With ManupChina

Listen to my interviews with 'Kane Vast' with ManupChina.  He's an expat in China who teaches and helps Chinese men. Yes - he's fluent in Mandarin!

He also helps Western expats in China with PickupAsia and has also attracted a beautiful Chinese woman into his life thanks to RedpoleQ's teachings.

In fact you can check out my interview with Mandy Ma with (a popular Chineseonline date site.)

Chase Amante With GirlsChase

Learn from my good friend 'Chase Amante' with GirlsChase.  He's been in Asia for half a decade helping guys date Asian ladies.

Check out our expat Asia interview as we discuss basic realities you must face as you get into a relationship with an Asian girl.

Socrates With AsianDatingMonthly

I have seen Socrates transform his dating life in South Korea from a single, frustrated guy to a confident guy enjoying his Korean girlfriend.  Check out his take on meeting and dating Asian women in his just released e-book.

Angel With DatingSkillsReviews

Check out my interview with Angel on how to meet and eventually have an Asian girlfriend in the Far East.  Be sure to take notes as we go over fundamental differences that will shock you!

Make The Most out of The Expat Forum!

Make sure you get the most out of how to date a woman from Asia.  Contrary to what your friends back home think - this place is a different world.  For the first time you now have access to all the information for getting the kind of relationship you want.

Enjoy! ;-)

Have an Asian Dating Opinion Worth Sharing?

Have an opinion about or advice on dating Asian women? We'd love to hear what you think. You can also stay anonymous (although you get more credibility if you don't.)

Do you have an experience or story to back up your opinion? We'd love to hear it!

What Advice Do You Have For Dating Asian Women?

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