"How Are Japanese Ladies
Different When Dating?"

Live in Japan and want to start dating Japanese ladies?

After 10 years in Japan as expats we can say that you're in for some fun! :)  We've discovered cultural differences that are worth being aware of to get you enjoying yourself sooner than we did.

Cut the cultural learning curve with these tips so that you can spend more time doing getting to the fun parts with your dates.  

So let's make sure you are prepared for your dates with Japanese women so that you can get closer to physical intimacy sooner too.

So how exactly are ladies from Japan different when it comes to dating?

Listen To An Expat Who's Lived in Japan For 9 Years!

Check out my interview with Asia's #1 dating coach 'RedpoleQ'.  Get his input since he's lived in Japan for 9+ years and now helps guys date in Japan with 'PickupAsia'.

Women in Japan Are Beyond Polite

Most Japanese ladies are way more polite. 

They are friendly and playful and don't take things as seriously. 

Did a beautiful Asian woman catch your eye?  

Once you've mustered the courage and start chatting her up you will be surprised at how friendly she is.

Rest assured that chances are you won't get rejected. 

In fact she might even beam at you talking to her!

Sounds good right?

Well - yes and no.  The problem is that you can't tell if beautiful Japanese women are into you because they are always so polite. Click to find out more how they differ culturally.

You could be thinking that you're doing a good job attracting her when in reality she can't wait for you to leave.


So how can you know if she's into you?  Your most solid bet is if she shows up on the date.  (For more on what dating in Japan is like click here.)

You can rest easy knowing that she'll be into you and not what you might dread she's into: your money.

Do Japanese Ladies Want You To Be Intrigued?

japanese ladies

They're fun to be with and do keep you interested. 

They are okay with being silly and goofy (much more so than Chinese or Korean women). 

In fact you can act like a kid again with them during your dates and it'll be okay.

They are also well-educated in general and know about the world.  A Japanese woman will also have a hobby or two that she can enjoy with you. 

This is different than being with a local Thai woman for example who (chances are) will be more interested in sleeping in and watching TV (even though a Thai woman can be silly and goofy too.) 

So you can expect yourself to have fun with a woman from Japan and kept intrigued as she tells you about her life experiences.

Got Money?  Japanese Ladies Don't Care

If she shows up for a date - chances are she's interested in YOU.  She probably has a solid job and can take care of herself financially (besides rent where she lives with her parents.) 

Also expats (or 'Gaijin') aren't known for having a lot of money so she won't expect you to sweep her off her feet with your financial statement.  ;-)

Granted, if you go to Tokyo's exclusive clubs (like 'Blacklist' that hosts events once a month) you can end up with gold diggers. 

So we recommend that you meet your potential dates elsewhere in Japan.  In fact we suggest going on dates with a Japanese office lady.  Click on the link to discover why.

In fact on dates it's quite common for women to pull out their purses when it's time to pay.  This is different than say in Hong Kong or Bangkok where you'll always be expected to pay.

So if you go on a date - what are your chances for you both to get more intimate?  This is what makes dating a Japanese woman (fortunately) different than most other Asian women in Asia.

Japanese Ladies Can Be More Promiscuous

Japan's society is more open to their women's sexual promiscuity (until marriage that is.)   A single Japanese woman can enjoy a dating life without having to worry about Japan's society causing her to lose face.  In fact you can find a lot of them on sites like JapanCupid.

What does this mean to you?  If she likes you and would want to get more intimate with you - chances are that she will…and sooner than you think.  This is very different from Korea where Korean women live in a more sexually conservative society (for example.) 

There are in fact cute Japanese women who are looking to date expat men. Click on the link for more.

Can You Date Women From Japan?

Whether you live in Kyoto or Fukuoka you can rest easy knowing that the local women are more polite, intrigued and open-minded than you'd expect vis-a-vis dating.  That's one thing that makes living in Japan fun!

If you want to have a dating life in Japan sooner with the kind of women you want then get the inside scoop from Japan's #1 dating coach 'RedpoleQ'. 

His company 'Pickupasia' has been helping expats date in Japan for the last 5 years.  Do yourself a favor and grab a sample of his Asian dating tips e-book: The Art of The Date and other goodies.  They're all on me.

Have fun! ;-)

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