Do Thailand Girls Really
Want To Date You?

Want to date Thailand girls?

Maybe you've just moved to Thailand and you've heard all the rumors.  Your friends back home might have told you about how women will love you in Thailand.

Is that true?

I've lived in Thailand for a while now and after talking to expats around here this is what I've found out…

Although every one woman is unique and there is such a diverse range of Thai ladies - let's get into the 2 main types of Thai women you'll find in Thailand.

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Chinese Thai

The Chinese Thai make up of roughly 12% of the population in 2012.  They generally have whiter skin and make up most of Siam's upper class. 

Granted you can find them in all of the socio-economic classes.  You're more likely to date one if you live in Bangkok and who's not from the upper class.

In that case, which ones would you be more likely able to date?

Khmer and Lao Thai

The Khmer and Lao Thai are darker skinned and have distinct features.  This group makes up roughly 35% of the population in Thailand.  All the rumors you've heard about Thai girls wanting to date you come from this group.

Find out why these darker-skinned sexy Thai women want to date you here.

What other ethnic groups make up the different types of women?

Other Types

Other ethnic groups you can find are

Indian Thai - there are many Thailand girls who are originally from India. This is because in a lot of India's culture came into Thailand and with it so did the people. 

Malay Thai - If you go to Phuket you will meet a lot of women that originate from Malay.  They are muslim for the most part so they might not be open to dating someone from another religion.

There are many more as Thailand is very diverse.  Would all these groups be open to dating you?  It depends on your financials and your skin color.

Lo-Ken (mixed) Thai - Because of all the Westerners who moved to Thailand, there are a lot of mixed people.  You can find yourself shocked to see a Western-looking person speaking to you in fluent Thai and not knowing any Western language. 

Want To Date a Girl From Thailand?

If you want to have a relationship with a local woman you have to understand and accept the different dynamics in Siam.  What you've heard back home or read on the net is partially true. 

It's true that being a foreigner (or 'farang') also changes the equation. 

Once you're aware of the dynamics in Thailand you can know which type of local woman would be most probably be into you (and if not how to make her into you.

In fact if you want to start looking for singles in Thailand now then check out Thailovelinks.  You can meet potential matches from the comfort of your own home.

In any case get an idea of what Thai girlfriends will keep hidden from you and be prepared for any relationship.

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